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Unleash Your Voice:
Powerful Public Speaking for Every Woman

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When women show up, unleash their voices, and share their wisdom, we make a better world. It’s more diverse and inclusive and better decisions are made. Your voice is powerful and it is time to unleash it.

Expressing your ideas accelerates your career. Speaking onstage spreads your reach and impact. You may simply want to speak more effectively in a meeting or with more impact at a business conference. You may wish to be a powerful professional speaker or even speak at TED. However high you aim, this book is for you.

Written by women for women, this practical guide distills thousands of hours of experience and our best tips for public speaking into three sections, each relevant for different stages of your speaking journey. You’ll learn about crafting your talk, what you need to do to get to the stage, and what it takes to go pro as a speaker.

Use this book to take your career and voice to the next level.

“Sisters, when this book falls into your hands, know that it’s time to take your place onstage, to lead, to unleash your voice.” Fredrik Härén, the Global Keynote Speaker.

WHAT OTHERS SAY about this book

"It’s time for women to speak out more - in conversations, in discussions, in meetings, in front of larger audiences! Being half of the population, their valuable thoughts and views, wealth of ideas and wisdom sadly often go unsaid or, more often, unheard. It’s not fair and - to make the business case - a loss to society. More inclusive debates lead to better solutions. This guide book to public speaking is packed with powerful tips from 16 women speakers who share their personal experiences, first-hand knowledge and sound advice, lending a hand to help other women step up and let their voices be heard. A must-read for every girl and woman - my daughters have copies."

 - Reader on Amazon, providing a five-star rating

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