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Explore Mette Johansson's Impactful Literary Collection In Her Journey of Empowerment

Delve into the writings by Mette Johansson, hailed as the best-selling author of four books. Discover her collection of thought-provoking leadership and self-leadership books that empower readers. Immerse yourself in Mette's timeless wisdom and become part of a community driven by personal and professional growth. Embrace the transformative power of her words and embark on a life-changing journey today.


Mette's BOOKS



7 Skills to Help You Climb the Career Ladder

Mette Johansson's first book, published in 2015, "How to make yourself promotable” is all about working on the basics to make that promotion you’re yearning for happen faster. It’s targeted especially for people who have already settled into their jobs and know they want more in corporate life. Regardless of your profession and your industry, your knowledge – your hard skills – will be essential for success. However, this is usually not enough. If you only focus on hard skills, you can get stuck in a faraway corner at your office as the most experienced specialist in your field. If you want team responsibility, you will be promoted because of your soft skills: people skills, attitude, and knowing how to get things done.

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Powerful Public Speaking for Every Women

This book is for women who aspire to be public speakers.
When women show up, unleash their voices, and share their wisdom, we make a better world. It’s more diverse and inclusive and better decisions are made. Your voice is powerful and it is time to unleash it.
Expressing your ideas accelerates your career. Speaking onstage spreads your reach and impact. You may simply want to speak more effectively in a meeting or with more impact at a business conference. You may wish to be a powerful professional speaker or even speak at TED. However high you aim, this book is for you.

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Journeys of Survival, Empowerment and Self-Compassion

#MyVoice Vol.4 – Journeys of Survival, Empowerment and Self-Compassion is an ensemble volume of moving stories detailing the lives of twenty women from varied backgrounds around the world. Every chapter in this volume, no matter the content, is about finding one’s authentic voice.
It’s interesting to know that while the journeys are uniquely theirs, women's experiences are shared globally and not isolated occurrences. These women are to be admired for their willingness to share their stories and their ability to choose survival, empowerment, and compassion as the places they want to live.

Written by women for women, this practical guide distills thousands of hours of experience and our best tips for public speaking into three sections, each relevant for different stages of your speaking journey. You’ll learn about crafting your talk, what you need to do to get to the stage, and what it takes to go pro as a speaker.


Incredible Women on How to Embrace Equity

This book is written from a desire that equity becomes part of our world’s DNA. These stories show us that we can all do our part – by understanding what steps we can all take to make the world a fairer place.

This book has been authored by women who are employed by or volunteering for, have been trained by, or are professional speakers listed in the KeyNote Women Speakers’ directory. We’re on a mission to bring more diversity to speaking stages worldwide. We are a global community of inspirational thought leaders committed to amplifying diverse voices.

Women’s voices need to be heard, and our perspectives must be seen. Not just for the sake of us women; everybody stands to benefit.

Diversity increases group intelligence and fosters innovation, as proven by the higher profitability companies with diversity in leadership achieve.

This book is written as a demonstration of the richness in perspective on one single topic: Embracing Equity.




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