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How to Make Yourself Promotable:
7 skills to help you climb the career ladder

Explore Mette Johansson's collection of books that will propel you towards personal and professional growth. From "How to Make Yourself Promotable" – a guide to climbing the career ladder with essential skills, to other thought-provoking titles such as “Narratives, the Stories that Hold Women Back at Work”, each book offers invaluable insights and practical wisdom.

Unleash the power of Authentic Leadership, learn the art of public speaking with purpose, and ignite motivation within yourself and your teams. Mette's books will equip you with the knowledge, self-awareness, mindset and skills to define your success journey. 


Do you think you’re made for something bigger than your current job?
Are you dreaming of getting that promotion, and wanting to find out what you need to do to get there?

How to Make Yourself Promotable is all about working on the basics to make that
promotion you’re yearning for happen faster. It’s targeted especially for people who are starting to settle into their jobs; for people who know they want more in corporate life.

Regardless of your profession and your industry, your knowledge – also known as hard skills – are essential for your success. However, those skills alone are usually not enough. If you only focus on hard skills, you can get stuck in that cubicle as the most experienced specialist in your field. If you want a promotion and team responsibility, you’ll need the right set of soft skills: people skills, the right attitude, and the ability to get things done.

Getting promoted is not about being perfect at everything. Rather, it is about knowing which skills are essential for stepping up the career ladder, and then steadily improving them to bring your promotion within reach. “How to Make Yourself Promotable” is a trusted guide to identifying and developing those skills as you move forward on your career journey.

“The advice Mette offers in ‘How to Make Yourself Promotable’ has extraordinary depth, with the perfect blend of strategic advice and practical tips. Anyone who wants to make themselves promotable really needs to read this quality book.”

Andrew Griffiths, International Bestselling Author, Mentor and Speaker

WHAT OTHERS SAY about this book

"This is a book that I should have had when I started work in the Corporate World 18 years ago. The author's style is just what I need - Insightful, straight-forward, optimistic and applicable for employees of any position in a wide spectrum of situations. A serious eye-opener."

 - Reader on Amazon, providing a five-star rating

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