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The Stories That Hold Women Back At WOrk

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Every organisation has stories about women in the workplace that live on through constant retelling: 'Women are too emotional'; 'Women are not interested in a career'; and 'We are hiring the best person for the job, regardless of gender'. We need to dispel these myths that undermine women and are keeping them on a lesser footing. Here are the tools for doing just that.

Based on thorough research and made highly relevant through dozens of anecdotes from hundreds of hours of interviews, Narratives: The Stories That Hold Women Back At Work will shatter ongoing workplace gender myths. Mette Johansson, in this book, provides context and different perspectives to dispel these myths and offer women-and men-the powerful arguments and tools they need to counteract them and ensure a fairer and more competitive workplace-and a better business overall.

Written in a highly entertaining way, Narratives challenges us to take different perspectives in the gender equity debate.

Narratives: The Stories That Hold Women Back at Work is also available at Kinokuniya Books, WHSmith, and on Kindle!


If you live outside of Singapore and Malaysia, click here to order now:

WHAT OTHERS SAY about this book

“Bravo: at last, a data-driven book that debunks the persistent misconceptions about gender and leadership, offering sound and practical guidance to not just improving gender diversity, but also elevating the quality of our leaders. Mette Johansson is a rare voice of reason in a field that desperately needs competence and change.”

 - Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Professor of Business Psychology at UCL and Columbia, and Chief Innovation Officer at ManpowerGroup

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