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what people say about Mette

"I can highly recommend that you contact Mette to speak on leadership that delivers better results"

 - Brian Tracy
Speaker, Author of 86 International and bestselling books and success expert

"I had the pleasure of attending a talk on Authentic Leadership that Mette gave at an Alumni reunion meeting in INSEAD. Her content was thought provoking and engaging with audience participation opportunities built into the session format. She gave us many valuable insights and was a very effective presenter overall. I would highly recommend her as a management speaker and coach."

 - Amrita Khadilkar
Senior Director, Head of Accelerated Digitalisation and Go Green

"Mette addressed EGN (Executives' Global Network) Singapore's Senior Executives in a recent workshop on the topic of Authetnic Leadership. Mette is a confident, professional and engaging facilitator and presenter that leaves the audience with great takeaways that they can implement immediate"

 - Nick Johnson
Co-founder & MD at EGN -

"Mette delivered a powerful keynote on how to be an authentic leader, to an audience comprising some of the most experienced, seasoned international speakers, and she captivated the room. Mette brings tremendous depth and clarity to her delivery. She is a speaker who gives simplicity to ideas, and makes them immediately applicable. I highly recommend Mette as a keynote speaker who will make a difference to your event."

 - Karen Leong
Speaker, The Change Catalyst

"Mette catalyzes people to articulate their passion and purpose, inspires and encourages them to follow their goals and on top of that, finds ways to help and champion the pursuit. I have benefitted from her steadfast personal commitment, and that is what makes her a rarity and why I endorse and recommend her to bring out the best in each individual in your organization"

- Apala Mukherjee
Director, Sustainability of Value Chains, BASF

"Mette your authenticity and personality shone through on stage and your talk was the highlight of my evening, I am still reflecting on your messages around purpose one week later. Thank you for such an inspiring evening."

 - Grant 'Axe' Rawlinson
Human Powered Explorer & Team Decision Making Coach

"We had Mette come in and do a session with some of our senior managers and directors. She spent an afternoon with us talking about the skills and attitude that help people get promoted. It was a huge success; the feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive. People were still talking about the session at the group dinner later. Mette's presentation was interesting and interactive, and her audience were glued to her every word. I recommend Mette whole-heartedly."

 - Dharma Nadarajah
Executive VP and Group GM, Venture Corp

"Mette and I first spoke in 2020 in Singapore when I was looking for a speaker at our south east Asia IWD event. Mette took the brief and delivered beyond expectations, her ability to engage the audience, share personal stories and leave thought provoking messages is a true strength.  I am continuing to partner with Mette for the Middle East region (and her team) and we are receiving rave reviews from our employees on the women In leadership programme. I am excited for the male Allie’s programme we will be commencing later this year."

 - Jennifer Gillespie
HR Director, ME&Turkey, Xylem

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