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#MyVoice Vol.4:
Journeys of Survival, Empowerment
and Self-Compassion

A Treasure Trove of Inspirational Transformational Leadership

Explore the enriching world of MyVoice Vol. 4 - a compilation of stories by women from all over the world that will inspire you to reach higher. Immerse yourself in these empowering stories and insights, boosting your self-confidence and embracing positive change

My Voice Vol 4.jpg

#MyVoice Vol.4 – Journeys of Survival, Empowerment and Self-Compassion is an ensemble volume of moving stories detailing the lives of twenty women from varied backgrounds around the world. Every chapter in this volume, no matter the content, is about finding one’s authentic voice.

It’s interesting to know that while the journeys are uniquely theirs, women's experiences are shared globally and not isolated occurrences. These women are to be admired for their willingness to share their stories and their ability to choose survival, empowerment, and compassion as the places they want to live.

Examples set by these women will serve as inspiration, encouragement, and proof that anything is possible when you take action.

These are our inspiring co-authors:
Mette Johansson, Sheila Berman, Su Zaki-Leung, Angela Hancock, Victoria Matthews-Patel, Mamta Sharma, Sonia J Arora, Kiran Sukhani, Suke Ridler, Kier Adair, Bharati K Trivedi, Ramya Bhaskar, Sahera Sumar, Hannah King-Page, Sri Martuti, Shuchi Kapoor, Sejal Majithia-Jaswal, Suman Sirohia, Neeraja Rao and Terri Tonkin

Funds raised through the sale of this volume will support the work of Singapore Children’s Society.

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