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Authentic Leadership

Authenticity is about being genuine, being real, being you. But what part of you? 

In her talk, Mette takes the audience on a journey to get clarity on what it means to be authentic and lead authentically. She argues that it's about knowing our strengths and weaknesses, knowing what energises us and what drains us, and knowing our values and passion.

When we consistently show up as ourselves, we strengthen the foundation on which all human and business relations are built: trust. When leading authentically, we release passion that leads teams to do extraordinary things. 

This talk by Mette Johansson inspires us to be the leader that others follow. Not because of wealth, position, or title, but because they are truly inspired by their character and purpose.

Inspirational Leadership

Are you inspired?

Who and what inspires you?

We seek inspiration through meaning and purpose, and once we've found them, we are ready to inspire others.

Inspirational leaders are effective leaders because of their magnetism and capacity to get others to follow a vision.

However, there are many surprising daily leadership habits, beyond gravitas and magnetism, that will inspire others. 

In this talk, Mette Johansson will share the keys to inspiring others and developing the mindset to unleash enthusiasm and passion.

Be inspired to inspire!


In today’s business world, leadership is inclusion; it is no longer optional whether you want to be an inclusive leader. There’s a financial, moral and career imperative for inclusion.

In this talk, Mette Johansson will share strategies on how to lead with inclusion and create inclusive cultures. 


Mette's talks on inclusion can be adapted to focus more on our biases and how to overcome these, on inclusive behaviour, on the business case of conclusion, on how to include various identity groups, on creating allyship and much more.

International Women’s Day Event 2019

​“Mette and I first spoke in 2020 in Singapore when I was looking for a speaker at our South East Asia IWD event. Mette took the brief and delivered beyond expectations, her ability to engage the audience, share personal stories and leave thought provoking messages is a true strength."


​Jennifer Gillespie, Human Resources Director Middle East & Turkey, Xylem Inc.gth.

“Mette joined us for on our International Women’s day event as a keynote speaker on authentic leadership and left the Women’s network spellbound with her profound insights and narratives. We received great feedback and the cohort’s earnestness to attend Mette’s workshop on Authentic leadership!"

Meenakshi SP, Director Digital Strategy and Client Engagement, Citibank

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